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December 6th, 1999

Sorry for those who couldn't attend due to limited space or late notice! 

At least we didn't have to turn anyone away at the door into the freezing cold right? 

If anyone knows of good places to hold future events, we are always interested in hearing about locations.  S

end  any suggestions to:  E-MAIL us

Overview: The event was great.  Mike and the Blown Apart folks wanted to especially thank

Bedman and MileHi for helping make the event a success. 

Also, Godzilla for letting us play longer, and of course Kite for hosting this last event. 

Oh, and Pfunk for the wacky Photos

Late Saturday, Quake3 CTF against the insane, undefeatable threesome led by mouse, taking on

6 to 7 at a time and winning will never be forgotten! You know who you are you insane q3 CTFers.


First fragged goes to: SlipStream (fell of a cliff) 

First to get worn out goes to: Steve (forget his handle)

First to double the frames/sec by BIOS flash goes to: Bedman

First to install Linux at a BLOWN APART event goes to: Kite

First to kick everyones butt at DESCENT3 goes to: Pfunk


More l8r, catch ya at  Bedlam 2000!


 December 3rd, 1999

Yes, the event is still on.  No matter how much snow we get!  Yes, Quake3

is amazing!  Better than Unreal Tournament?  You decide.  The new maps are 

incredible and we will be the first large LAN event in Colorado to play it!!

Mike says we still need:

Card tables, folding chairs, cables, hubs and/or switches.

Ok, the EVENT this weekend is basically full.  There may be some cancellations

due to weather, or depending on Mike making more room.  Finally, decent snow

for some Spring skiing...

Email if you want to try and squeeze into this event and haven't emailed or spoken

with us yet.  Also, it is important we have everyone's:


Email this info and times/days attending if you haven't.  

Current Schedule

SAT 9:00-whenever (Mike's call - typically 12)

Check in, setup, swap, game voting, gaming

SUN 9:30-whenever (Mike's call - typically 10)

Setup, game voting, gaming, tear down

 E-MAIL us



November 29th, 1999

Make sure you don't miss the next LAN PARTY / SWAP MEET this weekend  

in Aurora.  It will be Dec 4th/5th starting at 9:00am SAT.  Invite your

friends and bring a hub or switch if you can!  Email us at E-MAIL us

if you would like to attend and need directions.  As always, space limited, and

fills up quick, so mail asap.

Focus:  Unreal Tourn.  Free event.  Bring your own box.  200+ required.


 November 4th, 1999

Be sure and check out for our big year 2000

lan party event.  May have attendance of 300+ people this time!  Looks awesome.

100 machines+ and/or cabletron 300+ 100bt supply.  Contact bedlam gaming

for more info on the event.


October 28th, 1999

Well, the last one, was great.  We finally got some live video too.  Perhaps

we should convert some of the video to still shots?  Thanks Kite

for all the cables and the new 100bt routers and switches seem

to be working well.


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